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LOFCLEAR filter bagsLOFCLEAR™ filter Bags are multilayer, high performance, fully welded, meltblown filter bags manufactured from silicon-free fibers under ISO 9001 quality control standards to assure performance consistency. LOFCLEAR™ filter bags are available in three variations, series 100, series 500 and Oil Removal.  

Series 100 LOFCLEAR™ filter bags were designed for superior oil adsorption for paint and coating applications and also provide a cost effective solution for absolute (99%) particle retention.  

Series 500 LOFCLEAR™ filter bags have a pleated design for increased filtration area and are well suited for retention of gelatinous particles.  Each LOFCLEAR™ series 500 filter bag has an outer mesh cover to prevent downstream fiber migration and provides absolute (99%) particle retention for the 2.6 - 32 micron range.

The Oil Removal variation of LOFCLEAR™ filter bags was developed for the automotive industry to remove traces of silicone oil and other crater causing substances from coatings, while allowing pigments to pass through.  LOFCLEAR™ filter bags have SENTINEL™ sealing rings and the sealing improves as the differential pressure increases, ensuring a bypass-free seal with the restrainer basket. The integrally molded handles are easy to grab for bag removal. Link: LOFCLEAR catalog page.

There are (20) LOFCLEAR filter bags made in the universal #1 - #2 sizes from polypropylene meltblown material and having absolute (99%) retention from 2.6 to 40 microns. 


FILTER BAG MATERIAL Polypropylene meltblown

99% MICRON RATING 2.6, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13, 15, 20, 30, 32 and 40

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The pricing page lists part numbers and pricing for all LOFCLEAR™ filter bags,  please call, fax or email us with any questions and ordering instructions.