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HAYFLOW™ Filter Bags

HAYFLOW™ filter Bags increase the filtration area for #2 size filter vessels by 70% due to the special concentric cylinder design.  Upgrade to HAYFLOW™ style filter bags to increase your flow capacity or reduce frequency of filter bag changes and product waste.

Standard #2 filter bags are essentially a 7" diameter by 32" long fabric tube closed at one end, having approximately 5 SQFT of surface area.

HAYFLOW™ filter bags have an additional "upside-down" filter bag attached to the bottom of outer #2 size bag. This "inverted" section is approximately 4.75" diameter by 32" long, thus increasing the total surface area available by up to 70%.

HAYFLOW™ filter bags have a fully welded design, including a
SENTINEL™ RING style crush bag seal and a rigid ring base.  HAYFLOW™ filter bags require the HAYFLOW™ style restrainer (support) basket.  Any Eaton bag filter housing can be upgraded to a HAYFLOW™ style basket for use with HAYFLOW™ style filter bags.

The advantage to using the HAYFLOW™ filter bag design is that you can reduce the frequency of filter bag changes, including reduction of wasted fluid because the special HAYFLOW™ restrainer basket reduces the volume within the filter bag.  Compared to a standard #2 size filter bag, HAYFLOW™ will also have  a lower differential pressure.

The biggest advantage for most customers is the increased capacity which HAYFLOW™ offers compared to standard #2 size bag filter systems.  The maximum flow rate for #2 size filter bags for water-like fluids is 180 GPM and with HAYFLOW™ this is increased to 216 GPM, a 20% increase.  Therefore you can use HAYFLOW™ to reduce the number of filter bag chambers required, reducing the initial cost of equipment and the installation footprint.

As an example, you have an application for filtering 425 GPM to 50 micron (nominal retention).  Using standard #2 size filter bags, you would require (3) #2 size bag filter housings using a multiple chamber
MODULINE or MAXILINE style bag filter housing.  Upgrading to the HAYFLOW™ style filter bag would require only (2) #2 size bag filters, a DUOLINE style bag filter housing that costs 20-25% less.

HAYFLOW™ filter bags are available in both polypropylene and polyester felt materials with 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 micron
nominal retentions.

SENTINEL RING MATERIAL Polypropylene and Kopel
Polypropylene and Polyester
1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100
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